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Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) - Where To Buy, Where Store, & Some Key Facts Surrounding The Project

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Where to buy, where to hold, and some information on Bitcoin Satoshis Vision. BSV is an outstanding project despite any negative publicity. BSV is meant to be spent not just bought and held. BitcoinSV is a very powerful project with endless possibilities. I look forward to its future!

TwetchBSV = @55002

I have to give credit to Kurt Wuckert Jr. for a lot of this information as he is a literal encyclopedia of knowledge surrounding BSV and crypto in general so be sure to give him a follow on Twitter. I also sourced a lot of information on Bitcoin Satoshis Vision Wikipedia and from CoinGeek.

Sorry, it took me so long to put out another video. I had to record this one twice due to audio issues and work has been crazy. Please give me some feedback on the quality? Should I continue to use the green screen? Any video ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I only promote products I use on a regular basis so I can help with any questions. If you use any of my links and need help please reach out.

Use this link to sign up and we each earn $10.00 once your account reaches $100.00 in deposits.

Use this link to sign up and we each earn $10.00 once your account reaches $100.00 in deposits.

Any and all donations help motivate me greatly!

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