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Wedding Film 2021 | Wedding Video In Raiganj | Kolkata Wedding Video 2021 | Amrita & Rohan | cws

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We had the best time with Amrita & Rohan at their wedding this march. They got married in Raiganj (west bengal) and had a blast for three days with their closest of family and friends. A lot of their guests and cousins from around the world could not make it but they were constantly involved through video call and video messages . We loved seeing this bonding of family and felt that the photographs and films become even more important to share the beautiful memories with them. The mehendi, haldi & jaimala were super fun events with a lot of energy and a whole lot of flower petals! The wedding itself was so beautiful! Too many fond memories!

Project Assigned by: CWS & Rockrulz Studio Pictures
Managed by: Soumita Guha
A Cws & Rockrulz Studio Pictures Presentation
A wedding film by Souradeepta Chowdhury & Team

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About Souradeepta Chowdhury: Since 2012 Souradeepta Chowdhury started his journey of capturing wedding memories and thus CWS took place. CWS is a complete wedding collection by Souradeepta Chowdhury ( owner ) , under the association of Rockrulz Studio Pictures ( the company). RSP is labelled with standard work of add shoot, music video, independent short film, and a complete wedding collection. The journey of being a wedding photographer team have been so gracious as we received immense love from our clients. Every techniques he applies n play with is to create something eye soothing. He tries to deliver different things to different clients in preference to their stories. He says “ I always try to deliver compact emotions through my work, so whenever they look back a smile with tears shall come together. In this way I become successful and remain in their memories “ . He further said “ there should be a unique & uniform creativity as I capture rituals n deep thoughts through my lense”. So his work will surely make you sit on edge till end. Any work that leaves smile on face is beautiful and hence he is a master creating that.

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